On September 5, 2005, EMOBI Joint Stock Company was officially established with the original name of Media – Technology – Entertainment – Mobile Limited Company with the goal of providing value-added services on mobile phones. Currently, in addition to the value-added services on mobile phones, EMOBI is expanding and developing strongly in the field of communication, marketing with prestigious products and services in the market …


EMOBI’s staff of more than 100 personnels including many experts, famous journalists and a team of young, enthusiastic, creative employees … dedicate their best to build up a prosperous and lasting organization.


To become one of the leading businesses in the field of content creation in Vietnam and bring Vietnam’s image to the world.


Passion – Creativity – Determination.


EMOBI’s culture is the foundation to maintain a healthy working environment, to inspire people’s continuous creativity, as well as to maintain an effective working system, ensuring the implementation of the company’s plans in all circumstances and different times.


EMOBI’s culture is a internal code of conduct, within the staff, between EMOBI and customers, partners, including 5 values:

Đoàn kết


Chuyên nghiệp


Trung thực


Dân chủ & tự do ngôn luận


Tư duy tích cực